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Tower Garden Seeding Growing Procedure

I have found the single most important aspect of good growth from the Tower Garden (assuming you are following the basic directions like adding water and nutrient solution) is the health and strength of the seedlings. Joe Daugirdas has been a great resource to me in all technical aspects of growing well with the Tower Garden, and at the bottom is a link to his seedling growing procedure.

The following videos generally follow those guidelines. I hope they serve you!

TG Seedling #1: Prepping the Rockwool

TG Seedling #2: Tray Inserts

TG Seedling #3: Shake Rockwool Dry

TG Seedling #4: Tray Inserts for JP Tray

TG Seedling #5: What Kind of Seeds?

TG Seedling #6: How Many Seeds?

TG Seedling #7: Seed Germination, Feeding, Recording

You can find Joe Daugirdas Seedling Growing Procedure here.

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