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Farm Your Deck

I saw a social media post which seemed to set soil gardening against hydroponic gardening. I’ve never been in that mindset. I grow as much food in the ground as I dare in my 1/2 acre HOA controlled single family home plot. A number of my flower gardens were converted to vegetable beds, and I built a terraced above ground garden on the sunny side of the house.

My passion for the Tower Garden is a passion for people to take control of what they eat. There are two simple principles my wife regularly shares in that regard:

  • Know where your food comes from;
  • Know how it’s processed.

I believe we suffer needlessly in so many ways in the United States simply because we don’t ‘eat real food.’ I always understood eating a donut was not the best thing for me, but I did not understand why. It was a Dr. Bill Sears course that helped make clear to me the slow, incremental damage that occurs when we ingest anything that does not “grow from the ground, run on the ground or swim in the sea, and comes from a factory.”

When my wife and I made changes seven years ago to simultaneously reduce/eliminate processed foods and flush our bodies with fruits and vegetables, the results both visible and in our blood work were striking. I not only dropped two pant sizes, but had increased energy, clarity and a reduction in pain. We are almost never sick. To whatever degree possible, we want to encourage others in a similar path.

Thus, the tower gardens.

Growing food takes time, space, sun, and a good amount of education. The tower garden reduces the measure of each of those categories, making the transition to growing at least some of your own food more achievable. From there, the flavor, enjoyment and accessibility of fresh produce, as well as the savings on the weekly food budget, hopefully encourages people to take additional steps to controlling their food sources….

Maybe even gardening in soil!

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