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Winter Towers – Inside or Out?

Admittedly, when I first purchased the Tower Garden cover, it was with the hope that I could grow tomatoes year round. The self pollination would not have been that difficult, but I overlooked that tomatoes like a good 12-14 hours of sunlight and in the winter I only getting about eight.

So I’ve learned it’s not worth trying to grow fruiting plants outside of their season. Maybe there’s a reason for seasons. Maybe it’s not just the ground that needs to rest.

So whether I grow my non-fruiting greens on the inside tower or on the outside tower with a cover has more to do with space and convenience since the cost of the inside LED lights is about the same as the outside cover.

I prefer working with the inside tower… who wants to walk out into the dark and the snow to harvest dinner when I can walk to a corner of my kitchen? But I have continued to grow an outside tower in addition to my indoor one simply because I like the extra produce and have more space on the deck.

And besides, it is always a thrill to pull back the cover on the outside tower when snow is covering the ground, and see dark green vegetation in abundance! The contrast of growing things and stark barrenness puts an exclamation point on the fragility and beauty of living.

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