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Stop, Look & Listen

True confessions: we have had a gym membership. But normally it was only for the winter months. Given the opportunity, we want to be outside. A phrase we often use while hitting a strenuous part of a hike, ride or paddle is, “It sure beats the gym!” Why? With all of our technology and conveniences man cannot match the feel, sound and sights of the great outdoors.

But conversely, we can be outdoors, even walking to our car on the way to work, and miss what is around us. Having grown up in the northeast United States, it is a learned discipline to stop, look and listen. And it’s one we wish we had learned earlier.

A few weeks ago we loaded our 2003 Honda Pilot with bikes, hiking poles and kayak and headed out. We pedaled, walked and paddled. But, as is often the case, the highlight of those activities was when we slowed down enough to notice the patterns of light caused by the lapping waves, the stillness of the bay, the power of the surf, and the cries of the ospreys.

It sure beats the gym.

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