Wyzga Wellness


We have a picture of my mom in the hospital in her battle against lymphoma taking her MasterGardener exams. A gardener to the end, growing up in NJ our yard was a constant garden in progress,one which I was more often damaging than nurturing.

But the seed of a love for things growing must have been planted. I marvel at the magic of a seed. Placeit in the ground and add water and sunlight and in short time it becomes a manufacturing facilityprocessing sugars and carbohydrates, stems and leaves, fruit and reproductive organs to guaranteefuture seeds. And each one unique in its color, form, taste and nutritional properties.

Now when what comes out of the ground is some of the best stuff you could put in your mouth… Wow!But how can fast paced suburbia recapture what our great grandparents took for granted: some of thebest things to enjoy on my plate comes from my own soil and Tower Gardens?We have been doing just that, and loving it!

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